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Harry Potter Role Playing game based in the Marauder's time line.

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Wow! We have been up and moving again! And I have to admit it is great to be back, I am so happy to see most of our players back. We have missed everyone! I would like to say thank you to our fearless leader on behalf of good old Voldemort for winning Character of the Month. It means a lot to me to know that he is loved, because I do so love playing him! And congrats to Rogue for winning Player of the Month, keeping active, and working hard to keep your characters true to form! And of course, congrats to everyone for making MMM a screaming success again.

For everyone's knowledge, it seems that the young lady playing Andromida and Rudulphus has dropped out on us... which is sad, but seeing as she has not posted since our return, I feel it only fair to put the two characters back up for grabs!

Keep up the good work everyone!



If all goes according to plan, we would like to get started again Friday July 29th. I know this is short notice, I have been unable to sit down and update the site. :D. I have heard that just about everyone is coming back, I have not yet heard from Ren or Rogue, but I hope to see them!!!! See you all then!



We are hoping to be reopening soon. Sometime in the next few weeks. so anyone that is interested in returning to us should keep checking the site for activity, or watch this box and I will announce when we are up and active

Thanks everyone for their patience!


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    Acid Pops - 2 Sickles

    Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans – A risk in every handful! - 1 Sickle

    Blood-flavored lollipops - 3 Sickles

    Chocoballs - Filled with Strawberry Mousse and clotted cream -4 Sickles

    Chocolate Frogs – Every frog includes a collectable famous Wizard or Witch card! - 10 Sickles

    Cockroach Clusters- 5 Sickles

    Drooble's Best Blowing Gum - Fills a room with bluebell-colored bubbles that don't pop for days. 5 Sickles

    Exploding bonbons- 7 Sickles

    Fizzing Whizbees - Levitating Sherbert Balls - 4 Sickles

    Fudge Flies - 5 Sickles

    Ice Mice - Hear your teeth chatter and squeak - 10 Sickles

    Jelly Slugs - 5 Sickles

    Lemon Drops - Carried specially for the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore (Called Lemon Shaffon's in the English/Canadian versions) - 10 Sickles

    Pepper Imps - Breathe fire for your friends! - 1 Gallon

    Peppermint Creams shaped like toads - Hop realistically in the stomach - 5 Sickles

    Sugar spun Quills - 1 Gallon

    Toothflossing Stringmints - 10 Sickles

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