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Harry Potter Role Playing game based in the Marauder's time line.

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Wow! We have been up and moving again! And I have to admit it is great to be back, I am so happy to see most of our players back. We have missed everyone! I would like to say thank you to our fearless leader on behalf of good old Voldemort for winning Character of the Month. It means a lot to me to know that he is loved, because I do so love playing him! And congrats to Rogue for winning Player of the Month, keeping active, and working hard to keep your characters true to form! And of course, congrats to everyone for making MMM a screaming success again.

For everyone's knowledge, it seems that the young lady playing Andromida and Rudulphus has dropped out on us... which is sad, but seeing as she has not posted since our return, I feel it only fair to put the two characters back up for grabs!

Keep up the good work everyone!



If all goes according to plan, we would like to get started again Friday July 29th. I know this is short notice, I have been unable to sit down and update the site. :D. I have heard that just about everyone is coming back, I have not yet heard from Ren or Rogue, but I hope to see them!!!! See you all then!



We are hoping to be reopening soon. Sometime in the next few weeks. so anyone that is interested in returning to us should keep checking the site for activity, or watch this box and I will announce when we are up and active

Thanks everyone for their patience!


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    Calisto Rheed

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    Post  Calisto Rheed on Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:09 am

    Mun Name: Crowe
    Mun Age:
    How long have you played:
    How active are you:
    How did you find the game:
    When are you most active:
    Do you play any other Characters here - who: Alicia, Severus, Dmitri, Deiji, Luna


    Birth name: Calisto Rheed
    Other names: Cali, Nurse Maid,
    Age: 22

    Ancestry: Muggle Born
    Mother: Unknown
    Father: Dead when he was young
    Married/Single: Single
    Whom: None
    Children: Eclispo Rheed (2)
    Siblings: None
    Where do you live: Aurora head quoarters? (JK!) Rheed South Ranch (RSR)
    History: Rheed is a very talented healer. He is a field healer for the aurora's also an undercover by becoming a small pet snake when needed. He was a muggle born wizard that was in school with Moody and Deiji. he was almost the secrete healer for them when they got in trouble. Always quiet calm, and very kind young man. Eclipso came to him when he was 18, when he was just a rookie learning to be an aurora. They had just attacked a house that had raiding Death eaters in it. Calisto always ahd an ear open for children, found a small baby boy wrapped up in covers. The mother was put under the Pain curse for so long her poor heart just gave out. Calisto fall in love with the boy and adopted him. Eclipso was the name he gave the boy, since he didn't know the boys name, and most of the documents where destoried in the house by a fire tht had been started. THe small boy has burns on his hands, but they hve healed over the time.

    Calisto is an off and on aurora. Mostly in cases with children and abuse. Moody would call him an underling, or a lacky for the whole Aurora's team, but Calisto has no problem being all of those. He is a very kind person it is hard for him to use unforgivables, but he will, if not, he can always hurt someone with a pain spelll. He is kind young man, very soft and quiet. One reason he doesn't do alot with the aurora's. He is back up, you always know if you are to call him, he is there in a heart beat. He will cover everyone's back. He is usually matched up with another aurora in a battle, he is a life line, able to heal with ease. He isn't a dark auora, and was in Ravenclaw as a child.

    He is good at shadow play and staying hidden to spy CHanging his breathing down to be able to not be heard or seen breathing. ALmost as if he is dead if you do not know what to look for. Quick on his fight and quick to draw. He doesn't wnat ot hurt people, but he also wants to protect people so he does what he has to do to make sure no children like Esclipso loose their mothers and fathers.

    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Long mousy brown down to his ass.
    Height: five foot five
    Other characteristics: A long scar on his right arm up to his shoulder fomr being attacked by bullies sytherlin in school. Very thankful for Deiji and Alaster that day. He is very feminine in the way he walks, but he has a son, so not many think to much about it. Slender, hard to beleive the boy could be a power house at any moment in a fight.

    Wand:(pick yours up at ollivanders if not Cannon)
    Other devices: A book of healing. Healing Charms, Shadow cloak

    Allegeiances: Aurora
    Patronus: Crow
    Boggart: Loosing team and son

    Career: Aurora Healer
    Where do you want to work:
    Undercover shop keep at Hogmends after the huge battle.

    Do you want to work somewhere Not listed: no
    Are you capible of running the board of your shop: Nope.... i need help with that ....


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    Calisto Rheed Empty Re: Calisto Rheed

    Post  Admin on Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:31 am

    I'll accept him but I'm not going to make the board for his shop yet, just give me the details like name and location and I'll have it ready for you on the new board when we switch on the 15th!

    Sirius Black
    Sirius Black

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    Calisto Rheed Empty Re: Calisto Rheed

    Post  Sirius Black on Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:22 pm

    Nice he can work with Amaranth. I was thinking that maybe we should have an Undercover division that is animagus and metamorphs... kinda a neat idea in my mind Very Happy
    Calisto Rheed
    Calisto Rheed

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    Post  Calisto Rheed on Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:44 pm

    Sounds good to me!!!

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