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Wow! We have been up and moving again! And I have to admit it is great to be back, I am so happy to see most of our players back. We have missed everyone! I would like to say thank you to our fearless leader on behalf of good old Voldemort for winning Character of the Month. It means a lot to me to know that he is loved, because I do so love playing him! And congrats to Rogue for winning Player of the Month, keeping active, and working hard to keep your characters true to form! And of course, congrats to everyone for making MMM a screaming success again.

For everyone's knowledge, it seems that the young lady playing Andromida and Rudulphus has dropped out on us... which is sad, but seeing as she has not posted since our return, I feel it only fair to put the two characters back up for grabs!

Keep up the good work everyone!



If all goes according to plan, we would like to get started again Friday July 29th. I know this is short notice, I have been unable to sit down and update the site. :D. I have heard that just about everyone is coming back, I have not yet heard from Ren or Rogue, but I hope to see them!!!! See you all then!



We are hoping to be reopening soon. Sometime in the next few weeks. so anyone that is interested in returning to us should keep checking the site for activity, or watch this box and I will announce when we are up and active

Thanks everyone for their patience!


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    Mun Name: Eric
    Mun Age: 29
    How long have you played: 10 years
    How active are you: very very
    When are you most active: nights sometimes days
    Do you play any other Characters here - who: none!

    Birth name: Thomas Marvalo Riddle
    name meaning: unknown
    Other names: Lord Voldemort, Tom

    Born: 31 December, 1926
    Ancestry: Salazar Slytherin (ancestor) †; Cadmus Peverell (ancestor) †
    Tom Riddle Sr. (father) †; Merope Gaunt (mother) †; Thomas Riddle (paternal grandfather) †; Mary Riddle (paternal grandmother) †; Marvolo Gaunt (maternal grandfather) †; Morfin Gaunt (maternal uncle) †; Harry Potter (distant relative)
    Mother: Merope Gaunt
    Father: Tom Riddle Sr.
    Siblings: None
    Childhood: Tom Marvolo Riddle, was born on 31 December, New Years Eve, 1926 at Wool's Orphanage in London. His pure-blood mother, Merope Gaunt, a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin, died shortly after his birth. Soon before her death, she named the child after his father, Tom Riddle Sr., and Marvolo Gaunt, her father. Tom Riddle Sr. was a wealthy Muggle living in the village of Little Hangleton who was tricked into a relationship with Merope through possible use of a Love Potion. After a time, it is thought that Merope discontinued her use of love potions on Tom, in the hopes that he had really fallen in love with her, or would at least stay for their child's sake. To Merope's great sorrow, he abandoned her and their unborn child.

    Tom Riddle grew up in a dingy orphanage, completely unaware of his wizarding heritage. He did have some grasp on his abilities beyond that of normal magical children of his same age, however, as well as an unusually high degree of control over them. Tom could move objects with his mind and cause them to travel floating wherever he wished, manipulate animals and creatures as he wished, speak Parseltongue, and use his power to inflict harm on other orphans. After getting into a fight with one boy, he used his powers to hang the boy's rabbit from the rafters. On one occasion, he took two orphans, Dennis Bishop and Amy Benson, into a cave, where he performed an act so horrifying that the two orphans were traumatised into silence. Young Tom Riddle also stole from fellow orphans and hid their possessions in his cupboard like trophies.

    When Tom was eleven, Albus Dumbledore, a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, talked to Mrs. Cole first, who informed him of how unusual Tom was, sharing tales of his extraordinary influence over the other children. When Dumbledore was at last introduced to the boy, Tom at first believed him to be a doctor or psychiatrist of some sort, come to take him to an asylum. He was convinced after Dumbledore demonstrated his power by using a Flame-Freezing Charm on Tom's cupboard, and when he revealed that Hogwarts was a school for people with magic, which Tom realised his abilities were.

    At a very early age, it is clear that Tom displayed a desire to be different and set apart from others (as is hinted when he mentions his dislike of his own name, because it is such a common name). He was not surprised at all upon being informed by Dumbledore that he was a wizard — he was, in fact, eager to believe that he had special gifts that no one else had. Tom also showed an eminent fear of death, considering it a human weakness. He claimed that his mother couldn't have been a witch, because if she was magical than she would have been able to avoid dying.

    Tom's abuse of his wizarding powers alarmed Albus. He resolved to keep a close eye on him, "something I should have done in any case, seeing as he was alone and friendless." Dumbledore also warned Tom that at Hogwarts he would be introduced to the laws that controlled the usage of magic in the wizarding world, and that law-breakers were punished with severity not by Hogwarts but the Ministry of Magic. Riddle's demeanour changed after Dumbledore reprimanded him; he became more guarded and shielded his reactions. Dumbledore provided Riddle with enough information to find Diagon Alley and Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Riddle bought some second-hand robes and spell books for himself, along with his wand-thirteen and a half inches; yew; phoenix feather core—at Ollivander's. Mr. Ollivander later said that the wand was very powerful; Voldemort was very pleased with it until the wand failed him during his confrontation with Harry Potter in the Little Hangleton Graveyard, many years later. Riddle also mentioned that he was a Parselmouth, which surprised Dumbledore.

    Tom was educated at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1938 to 1945, and was Sorted in Slytherin House, a nod to his ancestor Salazar Slytherin himself. During summer breaks, he was forced to return to the Muggle orphanage, which he despised and dreaded more than any other place on earth.

    Tom described the way he was seen as "poor, but brilliant, parent-less, but so brave, a school Prefect, a model student."[14] This opinion was also shared by the professors, including Horace Slughorn, who was taken in by Tom's charisma and who taught him about Horcruxes. The sole exception to this was Albus Dumbledore, who was, at that time, Professor of Transfiguration. Dumbledore remained suspicious about Tom's true nature; Tom, in turn, despised and feared Dumbledore.[13] Riddle has gathered himself a gang of Slytherin thugs, a motley composition of "the weak seeking protection, the ambitious seeking some shared glory, and the thuggish gravitating toward a leader who could show them more refined forms of cruelty," most of which would become the first Death Eaters. Riddle claimed they were his friends, and would make it appear so in public, but in truth, he cared very little for them, using them as servants. He manipulated them to do his darker deeds in discreet manners, which led to nasty incidents that were never connected to them.

    Tom became obsessed with his heritage and began researching it with an insatiable hunger. He learned of his Slytherin ancestry, discovered the existence of the Chamber of Secrets under Hogwarts, and tamed the basilisk which dwelt within. As the Heir of Slytherin through his mother's family, Tom was able to open the Chamber Slytherin had left behind in order to "purge the school of all those who are unworthy to study magic" — in Tom and Slytherins' eyes, Muggle-borns.[14]
    Riddle during the 1943 opening of the Chamber of Secrets.
    KickAssJediAdded by KickAssJedi

    The basilisk injured many at Hogwarts in 1943. The last victim was a student named Myrtle, who was killed in the girls' bathroom when she saw the basilisk's yellow eyes. Hogwarts was to be closed, but Tom did not want to return to the orphanage. During that year, he even made a special request that Headmaster Dippet would allow him to stay at school over the summer break. To keep the school from shutting down, he framed fellow student Rubeus Hagrid and his pet Acromantula, Aragog. Tom convinced then-Headmaster Armando Dippet that Aragog was the monster that had terrorised the school. Hagrid was expelled, and Tom received an engraved trophy for Special Services to the School.[14]

    Dumbledore, distrusting Riddle, kept a close watch on him after that. Because it was no longer safe to open the Chamber of Secrets, Tom created a diary to preserve a part of his soul, the very first of seven Horcruxes hoping it would one day lead someone to finish Salazar Slytherin's "noble work."

    While researching his heritage, Riddle focused solely on who his father was, thinking him to be the magical parent, as he felt his mother could not have been a witch if she had died. He searched for his father's name in the school trophy room, in the records of Hogwarts prefects and in records of wizarding history, but found nothing to suggest his father had even attended Hogwarts. He was eventually forced to accept that his father was the Muggle parent, and that his mother was the magical one. It was around this time that Tom Marvolo Riddle gave himself the alias "Lord Voldemort," to spare himself of the reminder of his "filthy Muggle father."
    Location of childhood home: Wools Orphanage, London.

    Eye color: Brown, almost Red in the right light
    Hair color: brown with flex of reds and blond
    Other characteristics: Very pale, his eyes seem piercing and as if they could see through you.
    Voice: Soft spoken and comforting, unless he is angry, then it is hard as nails.

    Wand:(pick yours up at ollivanders) 13½", Yew, phoenix feather core
    Other devices: Many more then i can list
    Career: The Dark Lord
    Skills: Powerfully magical: Lord Voldemort was generally considered to be the most dangerous Dark Wizard who had ever existed and proved himself capable of holding his own well even against an Elder Wand-wielding Albus Dumbledore. Voldemort claimed he had experimented and pushed the boundaries of magic farther than they had ever been pushed. Albus Dumbledore himself also stated that Voldemort's knowledge of magic was more extensive than any wizard alive, and that even his most powerful protective spells and charms were unlikely to be effective if Voldemort returned to full power. Voldemort has shown the ability to contain spells and release them in a blast that resembles a shock wave. Young Tom Marvolo Riddle utilised magic without the use of a wand or even knowing the very existence of magic itself. He had a power to communicate with and control animals, and inflict harm on those who opposed or annoyed him. His unnaturally high level of control marks him a prodigy even as a child.[13]
    Dark Arts: Lord Voldemort was considered to be the most powerful practitioner of the Dark Arts the world had ever known. Besides developing Dark spells, hexes, charms, and jinxes, he has a masterful knowledge of the most unknown and complex magic capable of a Dark wizard. Voldemort was also a masterful practitioner of all three Unforgivable Curses, with a special affinity for the Killing Curse, having murdered enough people to create an entire army of Inferi. Ironically, this would be his final downfall. He was capable of a variety of powerful curses, placing one on the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher after being refused the post by Albus Dumbledore. He also placed a powerful curse on Marvolo Gaunt's Ring to protect it after it had been made it into a Horcrux.
    Duelling: Lord Voldemort was an exceptionally skilled duellist and was able to hold his own extremely well against an Elder Wand-wielding Albus Dumbledore, and duel Minerva McGonagall, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Horace Slughorn (who were masterful duellists themselves) all at once. It was possible that if Dumbledore hadn't been wielding the Elder Wand during their duel, Voldemort might have defeated him. Indeed, even with the Elder Wand, Dumbledore was unable to truly defeat Voldemort, and they fought to a stalemate. During his duel with McGonagall, Slughorn and Shacklebolt, the Elder Wand-wielding Voldemort proved to be the equal of all three of them despite the fact that he had not unlocked the Elder Wand's full power. The Dark Lord was also able to overpower many other prodigious witches and wizards, such as Amelia Bones and was responsible for the death of the extremely powerful ex-Auror, Alastor Moody. Voldemort had an extremely aggressive duelling style using powerful Dark Magic to overwhelm his opponents. Apparently, he only chose to face opponents whom he saw as worthy adversaries.
    Potioneer: Voldemort also invented his own potion known as the Drink of Despair which he used to protect Salazar Slytherin's Locket within the Horcrux cave.
    Charms: When Voldemort arrived at Hogwarts to steal Dumbledore's wand, he cast upon himself a Disillusionment Charm that was said to hide him from his own eyes. He also Summoned the Sorting Hat without fail to punish Neville for opposing him.
    Fire spells: Like Albus Dumbledore, Voldemort was skilled in manipulating the element of fire. He burned Neville with a flick of his wand, and created an enormous flaming serpent to kill Dumbledore and Harry during the Duel in the Ministry Atrium.
    Apparition: Lord Voldemort was a master of Apparation, using this ability during his duel with Albus Dumbledore. However, there must have been an Anti-Disapparation Jinx surrounding Nurmengard prison, because Voldemort had to fly far away from the prison to Apparate to Malfoy Manor.
    Underage magic control: Even before being told that he was a wizard, or having any knowledge of magic or the wizarding world at all, the young Tom Riddle displayed an exceptional degree of control over his usage of underage magic, which he used to torment many of the other children at the orphanage.
    Occlumency and Legilimency: Voldemort was adept in the use of both Occlumency and Legilimency being able to shield his own mind and penetrate the minds of others. He was particularly skilled in Legilimency and gained a reputation as one of the most, perhaps the most, accomplished Legilimens the world has ever seen. He was able to delve and peer deep into the minds of others, seeing their deepest thoughts. Voldemort could almost always tell when someone was lying, and was able to use Legilimency to place visions in his victims' minds, such as the one he sent to Harry Potter in 1996.[18] The most remarkable part about this skill was that he seemed to be working on it while he was still a child in the orphanage (as demonstrated when he commanded Dumbledore to stop lying to him). One of the very few people who were skilful enough to shield themselves from this, via Occlumency, was Severus Snape.[15]
    Flying: Voldemort can fly without support, defying the law of magic that states only objects can fly through use of a flying charm. Voldemort first exhibits the ability to fly while in pursuit of Harry Potter over Little Whinging.[15] However, this could simply have been achieved by charming his clothes. Another possibility is that he transfigured his body partially into a light substance, as he is described as trailing smoke.
    Parselmouth: Voldemort is a Parselmouth, a trait he inherited from his ancestor, Salazar Slytherin.[14] It seems that most of his Gaunt ancestors inherited this highly unusual trait; such traits are commonly passed down through families through inbreeding, a practice employed by the Gaunt family.[13]
    Horcruxes: Voldemort is the only wizard explicitly mentioned as having created more than one Horcrux, and thus came closer than any other wizard to becoming truly immortal. These Horcruxes were Salazar Slytherin's locket, Helga Hufflepuff's cup, Nagini, the Gaunt ring, Riddle Diary, Ravenclaw's diadem, and Harry Potter himself.[13] (Nicolas Flamel was not truly immortal, for after he stopped drinking his Elixir of Life, he died).[20]
    Transfiguration: Voldemort transfigured Dumbledore's fire-rope into a black snake during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.[18] He created an artificial, silver forearm and hand for Peter Pettigrew.[21] What's more, he transformed the corpse of Bathilda Bagshot's into a disguise for his snake, Nagini.[15]
    Spell creation: The spell Morsmordre, which summons the Dark Mark in the sky, was one of Voldemort's own inventions. He and his followers used it to summon a floating, green Dark Mark, usually over the houses of their victims.[21] Voldemort was also the first known wizard to develop the ability to fly without use of a broom or other usual methods.
    Inferi creation and control: Voldemort is the only wizard mentioned to have the ability to create and control Inferi, and an army at that, though it is implied that other Dark Wizards, such as Gellert Grindelwald, have used or intended to use them.
    Power of possession: Voldemort has the power to possess living creatures, and gain complete control over their actions by doing so. Once the possession is done, the victims will have no knowledge of what happened. While in his spectral form when he lost his body from a rebounding Killing Curse, possession was the only power that remained with him. This possession shortens the lifespan of the small animals he inhabits, and in the terms of wizards, his face would appear on the back of their head. In this case, it would seem that his possession is partial, as Quirrell has control of his own actions, but Voldemort's presence would allow the possessed wizard to perform more powerful magic.
    Wandless magic: Voldemort was also capable of using spells wandlessly and non-verbally as shown in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, where he disarmed Harry Potter with a simple wave of his arm. He also tortured Harry, deflected a spell from him, knocked him to the ground and forced him to stand up again, all with his wand free hand. Voldemort also used his hand to remove the masks from the Death Eaters who returned to him after his rebirth as he scolded them.
    Nonverbal magic: When Voldemort was duelling Dumbledore, he nearly defeated Dumbledore without a single incantation. Voldemort was able to cast simple charms, dark spells and other more advanced magic without saying anything. He could additionally cast non-verbal Cruciatus and Killing Curses.
    Charisma: At a young age, Voldemort displayed a talent for manipulating others, being able to manipulate Horace Slughorn into telling him about Horcruxes and gain the trust of every teacher in Hogwarts, apart from Albus Dumbledore. He also surrounded himself with a group of friends who would become Death Eaters, though Voldemort felt no affection for any of them. Sirius Black noted that Voldemort used tricks, jinxes and blackmail to get people to join him.
    Leadership skills: For many years, Voldemort had managed to order his Death Eaters to do his bidding without them rebelling against him. He was a master of being aggressive and strict, to the point of no Death Eater daring to disagree with him. Voldemort had also used fear and intimidation to gain his loyal followers.
    Allegeiances: Dark
    Patronus: Basalisk
    Boggart: His Own Corpse

    ((Was allowed to skip the roleplay sample as Moony and I have played opposite one another in another RP where I was playing Lord Voldemort and she knows my talents.))
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