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Harry Potter Role Playing game based in the Marauder's time line.

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Wow! We have been up and moving again! And I have to admit it is great to be back, I am so happy to see most of our players back. We have missed everyone! I would like to say thank you to our fearless leader on behalf of good old Voldemort for winning Character of the Month. It means a lot to me to know that he is loved, because I do so love playing him! And congrats to Rogue for winning Player of the Month, keeping active, and working hard to keep your characters true to form! And of course, congrats to everyone for making MMM a screaming success again.

For everyone's knowledge, it seems that the young lady playing Andromida and Rudulphus has dropped out on us... which is sad, but seeing as she has not posted since our return, I feel it only fair to put the two characters back up for grabs!

Keep up the good work everyone!



If all goes according to plan, we would like to get started again Friday July 29th. I know this is short notice, I have been unable to sit down and update the site. :D. I have heard that just about everyone is coming back, I have not yet heard from Ren or Rogue, but I hope to see them!!!! See you all then!



We are hoping to be reopening soon. Sometime in the next few weeks. so anyone that is interested in returning to us should keep checking the site for activity, or watch this box and I will announce when we are up and active

Thanks everyone for their patience!


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    Rebecka Hamilton - Stranger in a strange land

    Rebecka Hamilton
    Rebecka Hamilton

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    Rebecka Hamilton - Stranger in a strange land

    Post  Rebecka Hamilton on Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:57 am

    Mun Name:Moony
    Mun Age:234
    How long have you played:a decade
    How active are you:ask anyone
    How did you find the game: I made it
    When are you most active:Weekends, morning and evening
    Do you play any other Characters here - who:Loads


    Birth name: Rebecka Ruth Hamilton
    Other names: Becka
    House: Gryffindor

    Ancestry: Muggleborn
    Mother: Ruth Ann Hamilton
    Father: Jeseup Hamliton III
    Siblings: 2 Older sisters, 3 Older brothers, 11 year old brother, and 20 month old sister.
    Relationships: Is not permitted to date.
    Born in a self contained community just north of york. She lived with her family doing the typical day to day. Her eduaction was very limited but effective for her duties with in the community. She was already being looked at for marriage but had not yet been formally been paired. She was hard working and pleasent. A skilled seemstress and a gifted cook. When she was ten years old - the letters started. Her father burned each one and with each letter that followed an hour of prayer was added to her day.

    Because what but the devil could cause owls to bring letters of magic. The letters finally stopped when she began being beaten for their arrival. To clense her of his touch.

    One day she made a friend one day in the forest as she picked the berries for pie. A secret friend who came to her as a cat but became a woman. She was terrified at first but soon began to trust her friend. Her friend taulght her so many amazing things, reading and math and even the most secrets things of magic.

    It was a hidden and fearful secret, one she felt certain she would never be able to experiance beyond the grove behind the berry gardern with her secret friend.

    Then three weeks ago, her father - the pastor of the community - passed away. The new leader of their community felt the same as her father about these stranger letters but after a visit from the Headmaster and a private conversation he felt it best for the community she left.

    She loved her home and felt she should stay...but ever since the letters started she knew she would never find a place there. None would marry her and with out a husband and the chance to have children - she would serve no purpose in her community.

    When she agreed to leave she came to understand this meant exhile. She could never go home again. But she could use this god given gift of magic freely, and she could learn. Something she had a thirst for ever since her friend in the berry patch started visiting.

    She packed what little she owned and left her home. She was elated upon her arrival to see that her friend in the berry patch was a teacher here. She also informed Rebeckka that she was infact her great aunt.

    So Rebecka wasn't wholely with out family after all. She has spent the last month in private study with her aunt to understand the world outside of her community before meeting the class at large at the Christmas Ball.

    Terrified and exstatic...she starts a new journey.

    Eye color: Green
    Hair color: Blonde
    Other characteristics: Extreamly long hair, which she will never cut in a promise to God.

    Wand:A gift from her friend in the berry patch, it is almost completely made of ivory and yew with unicorn hair as the core.
    Other devices:nope
    Career: none
    Skills:Seamestress, cook...very frew real life skills.
    Allegeiances: Limited understanding of either
    Patronus: Coyote
    Boggart: That her father was right and she was be damed for following her intrest in this world.
    Example RP it's me
    Albus Dumbledore
    Albus Dumbledore

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    Re: Rebecka Hamilton - Stranger in a strange land

    Post  Albus Dumbledore on Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:56 pm

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