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Wow! We have been up and moving again! And I have to admit it is great to be back, I am so happy to see most of our players back. We have missed everyone! I would like to say thank you to our fearless leader on behalf of good old Voldemort for winning Character of the Month. It means a lot to me to know that he is loved, because I do so love playing him! And congrats to Rogue for winning Player of the Month, keeping active, and working hard to keep your characters true to form! And of course, congrats to everyone for making MMM a screaming success again.

For everyone's knowledge, it seems that the young lady playing Andromida and Rudulphus has dropped out on us... which is sad, but seeing as she has not posted since our return, I feel it only fair to put the two characters back up for grabs!

Keep up the good work everyone!



If all goes according to plan, we would like to get started again Friday July 29th. I know this is short notice, I have been unable to sit down and update the site. :D. I have heard that just about everyone is coming back, I have not yet heard from Ren or Rogue, but I hope to see them!!!! See you all then!



We are hoping to be reopening soon. Sometime in the next few weeks. so anyone that is interested in returning to us should keep checking the site for activity, or watch this box and I will announce when we are up and active

Thanks everyone for their patience!


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    I bring good news.

    Antonin Dolohov

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    I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:44 am

    One of the very few who had walk in privilages to the Riddle House was Antonin Dolohov. While he was nothing compared to voldemort 40 years at his side ... he had learned a great deal. He seemed to melt thru the gate and the same thru the door of the main house. He wore a heavy black cloak to sheild him from the weather. He appeared to anyone who saw him as this:

    He would grab a drink from the ones on the table checking for tampering before taking a long swing and exhaleing heavily. He gave a heavy exhale and gave the impression from someone coming in from a particuarlly hard run.

    He slid out of his coat and his true self appeared.

    the coat draped over his arm. A nasty gash in in upper arm and just under his eyes.

    He would collect himself further before walking to the door when The Dark Lord resided and knocked, waiting addmittance. His own wounds would wait - He would want to know this.
    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:34 pm

    Antonin was often sent out on a great many of the Dark
    Lords more difficult tasks. He had been waiting to hear
    back from him. The other was actually older then Tom was,
    and yet completely loyal to him. Voldemort had always
    found a liking in Antonin, and given him a great deal of
    privillage for his loyalty, including the ability to just
    walk into the manor, as well as remaining as Voldemort's
    right hand.

    Though Lucius was quickly closing rank on Antonin where it
    came to being close to the Dark Lord, Antonin had more
    at Tom's side.

    ``Come.`` He called. Antonin might think it odd that Tom was
    so willing to just let him in at first. That would be until
    he felt the weight of Nagini running over his feet, she had clearly
    told Voldemort who was here to see him.

    Once inside, Tom was standing by the fireplace, he was not all
    dressed up as he usually was, his hair not slicked back but
    rather hanging loose, in his fingers he was toying with the mask
    of a samurai armor that he had. ``What have you found Anto....``

    His words stopped as those red eyes fell upon the other's
    wounds. He knew the could not be that serious because Antonin
    was not worried. He gave the other the single most honored
    respect among the Dark Lord's men... he didn't read his mind.

    ``Sit.`` He said pointing to a chair. He would take a cloth and
    wet it with warm water and come over, dabbing the wound.
    ``Now, tell me what you have found.``


    Lord Voldemort
    Antonin Dolohov

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:17 pm

    ||We don't know who was minister of Magic between Nobby Leach (1962–1968) and Millicent Bagnold (1980–1990)so for the sake of play I'm going to extend Nobby's reign until Millicent takes over ||

    He was infact surprised, hand already on the hilt of his wand. A beautiful thing, with a hilt carved of human bone, what seemed like a human skull perched on the grip - while it truth was was just human bone carved to look like a skull. However, when he saw the snake he smiled.

    "Evenin' Beautiful"

    He always had a thing for snakes, his red eyed blue boa stayed at his sense in being eaten. When called he would release the wand knowning now why he was invited in. He would never draw on Tom - Not even to save himself. But he was cautious of anything abnormal, its what made him the best and why he lived as long as he had.

    He would walk in and encline his head, he would have kneeled if there were anyone else - or if asked, or told to. But there came some privilages with such long devotion. When motioned to the chair he would smile..or more so smirk in graditiude and take the seat. He was wearing his black tank top as he so often did and would greatfully let the other tend to the injuries. The one on the arm was deep but hadn't cut anything to important. The one on his cheek just under his eye was very thin, but very deep...almost like a piano wire. The bone of his cheek was visible, but had thankfully missed his eye.

    "I found her Leach's Daughter."

    The only reaction he gave to the touch to the wound was the slightest flinch but he never broke his story.

    "You won't believe this - no wonder he was hiding her so carefully. With out his knoweldge she - the Ministers daughter - married a muggle. They were hiding at her muggle husbands family home, complete with grandparents."

    He shook his head in discust.

    "The Auours were easy enough, to take out..dead."

    He offered passively, taking two broken wands and offering them.

    "They are clean, no tracking charms or anything else that would lead them there...there was but gone now."

    He returned to his story.

    "The husband tried to fight me - Imagine. "

    He shook his head with a laugh, his eyes watching Tom's face constantly.

    "I killed the muggles and turned my attention on the girl - can you believe that stupid blood tratior whore thought I intended to rape her?"

    He curled his lip is discust.

    "Why would anyone want to expose themself to such...filth."

    He shook his head.

    "At anyrate, with some..persausion, she gave her her fathers hiding place...with passcodes. I knew once the auours showed up to clean up the mess they would know that we knew everything I left the old grandmother alive - reluctantly, and altered her Memory, so that when they examine her ... as we know they will..they will see dear daughter strong til the end, giving me nothing before I killed her out of frustation."

    He watched his face for reaction.

    "They will move him, naturally...but if we moved quick...we may stand a chance at taking him out - he's hiding in a muggle complex for vagrance.... I am sorry My Lord, I had intended to bring her to you but before I could do more than alter the old womans mind the other aurours had arrived...took them a specatuarlly long time though, at anyrate...I was forced to withdraw."
    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:47 pm

    The Dark Lord listened as Antonin talked, all the while
    tending to the wound on his face. Allowing the other his
    vanity he would draw the wand once the wound was clean.

    His eyes looked down at him for a moment as he spoke of
    finding the daughter, a devilish grin inching over his
    lips as he brushed a wayward lock of hair from his
    ``Wonderful.`` He purred. He would press the tip of the
    wand against his cheek, it would burn as heat flushed
    over the area, but the wound would heal without leaving
    a scar.

    As the other told him about the attack on the house he
    came to stand before him, taking his face in his long
    slender fingers, turning his chin so he was looking up at
    him for a moment. He would lean from one side to another
    checking his work on the other's face before nodding. ``Perfect.``

    He shared a hiss of disgust when the other cold him that the
    stupid girl thought he would rape her. ``Why indeed?``
    was his answer to the question posed about who would expose
    themselves to such filth.

    He would start to work on the other's arm... when he told him
    that the girl was dead his thumb pressed into his wound and he
    would stiffen up slightly. ``Alive, I wanted her brought
    back alive...``
    He said... for a moment Antonin could see
    the gears working in Tom's mind... trying to figure out a way to
    make the plan work even without the girl. His thumb slipped
    from inside the other's shoulder and he would heal that as well
    not with as much care as he had on the other's face, which was
    far too pretty to mar up that way.

    ``No, we have already lost the sun on that idea. The Aurors
    will swarm the place no matter what they see in the false
    memories... however, they will probably set up a similar
    situation... maybe in another muggle city...``
    He said thoughtfully.
    ``Maybe all is not yet lost... we must see if Malfoy can get
    some information on the move. Damned Moody and his `constant
    vigellance`, we can not get a spy into the Aurors... it is
    very irritating...``

    After a few moment Tom sat down, rubbing his temples slightly
    he loved his work, but sometimes the stress got to him and he
    had a lot of planning to do to make up for losing the daughter
    however, he believed Antonin, he knew the other would not lie
    to him even if it would get him in trouble, so he knew that if
    Antonin said that there was no choice, then there was no choice.


    Lord Voldemort
    Antonin Dolohov

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:52 pm

    He sat in surpriseing relaxation under the others touch. For some having the Dark Lord put their wand an inch from your eye - would be terrifing. He had no fear of him. A tremenous respect...and a geunine understanding of what the other was capible of - but not fear.

    He was not ignorant of his place, he knew he was just as liable to be killed as any other man if he displeased him. If it came to that, then so be it.

    He would die for him. So why not by his hand?

    When the other lifted his chin to appriase his work he smiled at him softly.

    "Thank you Tom."

    He was a vain little bugger, even if he didn't admitt it - He was pretty and he liked keeping his looks.

    However when the other heard of her death and dug his thumb into the open wound on his shoulder he bit his lip to keep from grunting, and instead fisted his left hand to stay still.

    The cut would leave a small scar, but he didn't seem to mind - it was a conversation starter. Thoes collected eyes studied his face as he finished his work. It was what had attracted him to the others side from the start - thoes gears were always turned.

    When the world grumbled and complained about the muggles and mudblood - Tom was ready to do something about it. When he moved away to slump into the chair, Antonin rose.

    He would come and stand behind his chair gently brushing his hands away - if permitted and taking over the massage on his head. He would expand it to his neck and shoulders before returning to his temples, trying to help loosen the knot that seemed to become his torso.

    "I'm sorry m'lord. If I could have taken her with out the risk of leading them here - I would have. If I thought I could have won out if I stayed - I would have. I thought you would wish to hear what I had learned, and I'd be no use to you dead - which is what I would have done if I were captured."

    There was no pity in his voice, no excessive groveling - sheer simple - F.A.C.T.

    He knew to much, and even though he was a gifted occulamence, he would not risk what he knew falling into the wrong hands via pensive or truth drought. As he would tell no other way.

    "What can I do to make up for my failure?"

    He asked softly, his thumbs kneading the muscles just at the base of his spine. Thoes eyes watched him as he contiuned to work in silence.

    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:29 am

    The Dark Lord let very few call him Tom. Yet the sounding
    of his true name slipping from the others lips did not
    cause him more tension as it usually did, because it was
    Antonin, it was relaxing enough.

    Those red eyes slipped closed feeling the others long
    strong fingers rubbing over his temples. ``Mmmm...`` He
    purred, letting the other take over the relaxation of his
    tense body. ``I am far to tense...`` He chuckled.

    Nagini ran over Antonin's feet again before coming up the
    side of the chair, her head resting in Tom's lap, his long
    slender digits running idly over her head.

    ``I will have to think about that Antonin... I believe you
    though, I see no reason that you would lie to me, if you
    say that it was necessary then I believe it.``
    He said relaxing
    back against the chair. ``The next generation are coming
    up quickly...``
    He commented.


    Lord Voldemort
    Antonin Dolohov

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:38 am

    "Come then, let me finish this propperly."

    He said softly with a gentle tug at his shirt and a nod toward the bed. He meant the massage, but he did not care if it extended beyond that - as with all things. Tom came first if he enjoyed himself it was a pleasent after effect but never his first agenda.

    Thoes long strong fingers worked on a particuarlly tight knot in his shoulder. If he would rise and go to bed bed Dolhov would follow and after folding the others shirt he would straddle his hips and with a warming lotion resume the massage.

    If not than he would contiune it as best as he could in the seat, painstakeing finding each knot and working it until it loosened and relaxed.

    When the other mention the generation, there was the breifest hesitation in thoes fingers before they resumed. He was never one to beat around the bush. He was well awear that the Malfoy boy had been steadily climbing the ranks, and while he would respect any choice his lord made for him...he kind of wanted to knock the scamp down a few notches.

    "Have I so displeased you that you are ready to replace me with the Malfoy boy?"

    He asked. Tom had given him a high respect by not reading his mind - Antonin returned it with the same respect and kept nothing from him.

    There was no fear or begging in his tones, a calm - collected question.
    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:21 pm

    A smile tugged at those lips as the other motioned to
    continue the massage on the bed. He knew that Antonin
    expected nothing more then that, which was part of what
    attracted Tom to him so much. He would move over and lay
    down on his stomach, a very vulnerable position, one that
    he would not take with just anyone.

    His arms crossed before him and he rested his head on
    them, looking off to the left. Feeling the weight on
    his hips and the warm hands against his back those red
    eyes fell closed...

    ``Do not fret so much Antonin, I could never trust Lucius
    as I can trust you.``
    He purred. There was a softness to his
    voice however, he had no problem lying to people, even his
    minions if it achieved the means to his end, however, not Antonin,
    he didn't lie to him, because he could trust the man completely
    and that was a rare trait. ``The Malfoy boy is very useful now
    and he seems to have a handle on the Snape boy, which I think might
    be instrumental in bringing down Dumbledore in the furture.``

    So many could not see the far future the way Voldemort could, and
    Antonin was good at seeing the future and the ends of the means
    that Tom used now. ``I must cull the weak, and let Lucius
    believe he has a chance to replace you, it will keep him loyal
    and at my hip where I need him. But you should know the truth...
    He does not hold a candle to you.``
    He purred softly.


    Lord Voldemort
    Antonin Dolohov

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:43 pm

    He began at the base of his skull before taking detailed care to knead out each knotted muscle as the other spoke. Keen eyes watched his hands, attentive in his work. But he knew the other wouldn't be fooled and take his focus as distraction - He heard every word.

    A smile slid over thoes lips when he spoke of himself verse the Malfoy boy.

    "Then allow me to play the part and push him around a bit, let him know I feel threatened. Give that over enflated ego just a bit more."

    Down the back he went taking special care of the small of his back, his fingers smoothing under under the wasit band of his pants before going back up again.

    "The Snape boy. He seems quiet the hard luck case...given the history - and his talent, hes exactly what Dumbledore takes under his wing - Aberforth is forever complaining about the strays he always brought home. Couldn't turn away the hidden potential."

    He would lean forward as he massaged and place a feather light kiss just where his shoulder met his neck.

    "The wolf Yaxly tried to recruit even attends Hogwarts...How Slazaer would squirm knowing what roams his halls."
    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:14 pm

    A soft hiss escaped from Tom's lips. A shiver washing over
    him as the other worked his muscles to loosen them. He
    let the relaxation wash over him, listening as Antonin

    His eyes turned upward at the other, red gaze holding the
    blue eyed beauty's gaze... after a deciding moment, that
    was not mind reading, he would nod. "Do not take it too
    far Dolohov."
    He said softly to him, only using his last
    name as such for emphasis. "I do not want Malfoy's spirit
    crushed... I need that, I need him to think he is safe in
    my care, otherwise he will not do what I require of him."

    Once that was said he turned his eyes away, relaxing once
    more. "Snape has a natural way that makes his mind hard
    to access, with a bit of training I could get him in under
    that old fool's nose without even trying."
    He said with
    a satisfied grin at the thought. "Mmm, Yes, Lupin, he is one
    of Greyback's offspring I hear. I have to sate that wolf
    soon or I will loose his loyalty."


    Lord Voldemort
    Antonin Dolohov

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:26 am

    Very few ever help te Dark Lords gaze. His followers dropped their eyes fearfully, and thoes at the end of his wand cowered or met his gaze til death - which wasn't very long.

    He nodded when the other told him not to take it to far.

    "I won't, but if I just let my self be pushed aside with out dispute and with out a direct order publically from you - it would be out my nature. He might be smart enough to notice that."

    He used a sweeping heating charm so that the rolling heat would wash the tension away from the whole of his back even as his hand moved along the others shoulders and upper arms. Slowly down his arms mindful of any tender areas or the others Dark mark.

    Another soft kiss to his shoulder.

    "I don't know why you trust them."

    He said, clearly meaning wolves. He wouldn't never object to the other in public, but in private he was sort of an advisor. Though he followed Tom regardless of his opinions on such things.

    "It seems to go against our future goals to aline ourselves with the them...Vampires, or Giants. Ones like your pet who can do isn't their rite."
    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:42 am

    Now more thoroughly relaxed Tom would move, rolling under
    him until he was face up looking at the other, watching the
    beauty above him for a moment or two as he spoke. His
    hands would be tucked behind his head and a content
    expression. "Of course, keep within your nature, but do
    not forget that you are the only one I trust."
    He said
    with a shrug.

    "No no Antonin. Have you never heard the adage, 'keep
    your friends close and your enemies closer'?"
    He asked
    as he looked at him. "You see, I do not trust Greyback,
    and he could be very dangerous to me in the long run, so
    it is better to keep him with me, then against me. It is
    simple logic."

    Those long slender digits rose up to run over the others
    face softly, looking into his eyes before wrapping his
    grip around the back of Antonin's neck drawing him down until
    his lips touched the others, a spark of heat starting almost
    right away.


    Lord Voldemort
    Antonin Dolohov

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Sun Jun 05, 2011 8:25 am

    He rose up ever so slightly so he could roll over but otherwise stayed where he was , with his legs folded under him on either side of his hips.

    His eyes watched him, there was no wonder the Dark Lord had such an amazing following. Beautiful and Charm paired with Drive and Vision...they were undeniably appealing.

    When he said he was the only one he could trust he smiled, never quiet beaming - but he never was one for big smiles. Soft smiles or smirks.

    "Thank You, Tom."

    He tilted his head slightly into the others hands before being drawn down, his right hand on the bed to keep his balance before being kissed.

    He loved it, he loved him. But not the kind of love that made one stupid and forget his place..the kind that won complete devotion.

    The heat was instant, and the reaction could not have been missed by the they way they were sitting.

    He had never married - not for lack of choices, he was pretty after all. But rather, he didn't want his attention devided against his Lord and the Cause.

    However, he had of recent times expressed a curiousty to pair wit another - of Voldemorts choice of course - so that he could give him another Dolhov to follow him.

    He had no doubt Voldemort would out live him, he was to great to die - his cause to important. He assumed he would die in his service - and wanted another could be just as devoted. In these times of false friends and curses, it would be very important for Tom to have someone he truly trusted.
    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:30 am

    The heat and the bodily reaction was impossible to miss in
    this position indeed. He was already hard, after all of
    that wonderful rubbing, it was little wonder though. Of
    course Tom had his choice of death eaters to bed with, and
    over all he did, rather often, believing very much in the
    roman ideals that it would forge stronger bonds. While you
    would fight hard to protect your leader, you would fight
    even harder to protect your lover.

    Both male and female, Voldemort did not discriminate, nor
    did he push any of his followers too. While he never
    preached monogamy, he often forged marriages, not for the
    pair, but for the families that would be tied closer. Such
    as the Blacks and the Malfoys, and the Blacks and
    Lestranges. He often told his followers to keep a mind open
    to either gender, use their bodies as the temples they were.

    He liked that Lucius did just that, for there was few ways
    he could have forged the loyalty of so many without it, and
    he wouldn't be surprised if Antonin did as well. He knew
    the other never wed, but he never expected him to remain

    That kiss broke only because he had to breath. Licking
    over the others jaw softly when he finally had to break away
    from the kiss.

    ``Will you be staying tonight or have you things to attend


    Lord Voldemort
    Antonin Dolohov

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:15 pm

    Oh no, Antonin was far to beautiful to be celebate. He had just been careful enough not to leave any little Dolohov's behind. He let his hands run over the others chest as if for the first time , even though he knew them all by heart.

    "Your eyes look more like hers each day."

    He commented with a slight canting of his head, some of his hair falling loose from the hold and over his eyes.

    "Absolutely Beautiful."

    A slinder finger would slide along his jaw in appreication.

    When asked if he had things to attend to, he looked out the window at the night sky to determin the time.

    "I have to be back at the Hogshead by 4am, I've been gone for two days already - vising a sick aunt you know"

    He pouted slightly then smiled.

    "But I do have a little bit of time.."

    He would lean forward a soft kiss just below his collarbone rolling his hips against the other.

    "If you haven't anything to pressing to attend to?"
    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:47 am

    "Yes we become more and more as one by the passing moment
    my beloved Nagini and I."
    Tom purred softly, glancing
    over at the large snake curled up on a heated rock near the
    fireplace. "My only true love, my Nagini."

    Of course Tom had never given words of love to Antonin, he
    could never truly love a subservient. Only his beautiful
    Nagini had his heart.

    "Yes, but 4 am is still a long time away. I have nothing
    more pressing at the moment to tend to then my own desires.
    After all, if we do not forfil what we desire, then we
    fall to the wayside do we not?"
    He purred, his body
    arching up into the others taunting lips.

    ((Feel free to FTB at any point that you are comfortable
    or keep it going as long as you are comfortable.))


    Lord Voldemort
    Antonin Dolohov

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Antonin Dolohov on Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:11 am

    |We can FTB, if ya like and contiune afterward or just move the thread to finished to a lot for more play elsewhere. |
    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

    Post  Lord Voldemort on Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:38 am

    we can call it done


    Lord Voldemort

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    Re: I bring good news.

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