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Wow! We have been up and moving again! And I have to admit it is great to be back, I am so happy to see most of our players back. We have missed everyone! I would like to say thank you to our fearless leader on behalf of good old Voldemort for winning Character of the Month. It means a lot to me to know that he is loved, because I do so love playing him! And congrats to Rogue for winning Player of the Month, keeping active, and working hard to keep your characters true to form! And of course, congrats to everyone for making MMM a screaming success again.

For everyone's knowledge, it seems that the young lady playing Andromida and Rudulphus has dropped out on us... which is sad, but seeing as she has not posted since our return, I feel it only fair to put the two characters back up for grabs!

Keep up the good work everyone!



If all goes according to plan, we would like to get started again Friday July 29th. I know this is short notice, I have been unable to sit down and update the site. :D. I have heard that just about everyone is coming back, I have not yet heard from Ren or Rogue, but I hope to see them!!!! See you all then!



We are hoping to be reopening soon. Sometime in the next few weeks. so anyone that is interested in returning to us should keep checking the site for activity, or watch this box and I will announce when we are up and active

Thanks everyone for their patience!


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    Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Molly Prewett

    Posts : 29
    Join date : 2011-05-21

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Molly Prewett on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:16 pm

    Molly threw Arthur a look of uncertainty when he mentioned his feelings about her going over to Alicia. She opened her mouth to say something to him but was quickly interrupted by James Remus and Lily all making it quite obvious as to their engagement. Now the whole school knew, including the headmaster.

    She felt her face growing as red as her hair and put her hands over her cheeks trying to cool them down shaking her head from side to side in embarassment but giggling none the less.

    "Yes, it's true!!! Arthur proposed at the ice cream parlor just two days ago!" she gushed clearly glad to be able to let out the good news.

    When James created the cake she darted for it dipping a finger into the icing and putting in front of Arthur's mouth.

    "Make sure it's not poisoned, would you Arthur dear?"

    she winked over at James and the others.

    Severus Snape

    Posts : 114
    Join date : 2011-05-19

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Severus Snape on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:15 pm

    "So any one worth being here this year?" Severus asked walking up behind Lucious. He was late to get to the table, he had to do something importanted before coming there. He would sit down on the other side of Alex and would listen to the talking around him. His book laid down on the table and was pushed to Lucious. IT was his poitions book. IT was marked the first day of potions for fifth year students.

    ".... A gift... " HE muttered before turning to get some food to himself. It was Lucious book... Severus swipped it before they got on th train. One reason he wasn't hanging around anyone.. he was plotting out something, and wantd NO ONE knowing what he was doing.

    "I heard you got in to some trouble on the train?" Severus asked looking between the two black sisters and Lucious.
    Alexander Crowe

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    Age : 57
    Location : Rome

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Alexander Crowe on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:23 pm

    "Killing her would not earn me anything but get idoits up my ass." he stated muttering under his breath as bella teased him. HE caught the roll and smirked. "Don't worry... I will handle it... if not.. I'm sure you guys have wonderful idea's up your sleeves.... "

    HE watched Severus walk and sit beside him and watched teh book being passed. He wondered what they where up too... He didn't set with his goons, and to him.. they where just that... hetchman for whe nhe wanted something done and he didn't get his own hands dirty.. no... he didn't like the blood staining his hands... He was the harry potter Charles Manson.

    "I would give her to you Bella... Just wait for summer... I will send her to you with a bow on her head."
    Alicia Lynn Crowe

    Posts : 162
    Join date : 2011-05-19

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Alicia Lynn Crowe on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:48 pm

    "Congrats! Molly and Aurther!" she grinned and would take a bite of something that was in front of her on her plate. She would look around, it was eye opening here, so she was being a bit quieter then usual. Her dark eyes looked at the ghosts moving around the room and would cant her head as they spoke to her speaking back, but then James came to set beside her and she would bit down on her spoon looking up at her.

    Alice was a small kid to be begin with. "Hi there.... I'm Alice." She would grinn up past her spoon and put her hand out to shake his. She watched the throw things and would cant her head. "Why would it be poison?" She asked curiously a few blonde hair falling in to her pale white face. She looked much different then Alex who was dark skinned and kind of cruel.

    Lucius Malfoy

    Posts : 153
    Join date : 2011-05-19

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Lucius Malfoy on Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:56 am

    He looked vaugely confused at Narcissa, he couldn't quiet make sure what she was even trying to say. However at the nickname Luci thoes eyes narrowed dangerously.

    "Mind your self little one...or I might have to remind you of my name - Propperly"

    He looked down the Gryffindor table where apprently the 2 gingers were getting hitched, good heavens, what was the world coming to.

    He rose his wand and said with a smirk.


    The quidditch pitch James had turned into a cake would explode raining cake bits over most of the gryffindor table...and it's in habibitants.
    Arthur Weasley

    Posts : 37
    Join date : 2011-05-20

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Arthur Weasley on Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:22 am

    Arthur smiled with a flush when everyone made a huge ruckus over his engagement. When Molly offered a bit of the cake on her finger, he started to but the hard eyes at the teacher table deterred him and he shook his head.

    "Better you handle it Molly...we're being watched...head boy and all."

    He said with a smile.

    When James turned the cake and shook his hand he smiled and did the same. He always got along well with everyone, even if James as an arrogant sod, he still was nice t arthur so he had no problem.

    "Thanks mates."

    He said to the many thank yous before BOOM! The cake exploded showering him and most around him with cake and icing. He looked at once to the Slytherin table - cause where else done one look when there is chaos afoot.


    He shouted looking down the lenght of the table.

    ||skip remus,||
    James Potter

    Posts : 135
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    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  James Potter on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:15 am

    *James was no fool, he knew Lucius had a problem with "the gingers." He spun on his cake-covered heel, glaring at the bleach-blonde pretty boy, casting a spell of his own creation under his breath with a discreet flick of his wand out of any teachers' sight, making Malfoy's hair turn bright flaming SPARKLING red, stand fully on end as if he were just electrocuted, which was a spell James followed up with, feeling generous, the second spell being one that bombards the target with an endless cascade of quite strong, but ultimately harmless, static shocks. The Slytherins were already muchly on his bad side for what happened with Remus. Lucius should feel blessed James stopped there. He turned back to the table and its inhabitants, waving his wand first at the table, then the people around it*


    *the mess of cake covering the table and people clearing away instantly as he sat back down muttering to himself the usual vitriol about the Slytherins being useless prats*
    Narcissa Black

    Posts : 84
    Join date : 2011-05-22

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Narcissa Black on Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:47 pm

    When Lucius made the cake explode Narcissa watched the bits and pieces fall all over the Gryffindor's and giggled quietly and raised her goblet into the air.

    "Bravo Lucius... take a bow."

    At the moment James cast his curse on him the playfulness in her eyes vanished and she lifted her wand quickly managing to keep an air of grace about her she said still sitting, with one leg crossed over the other:


    she said sweetly causing James Potter to turn upside down and dangle in mid-air his robes would come over his head.

    "For you, Lucius."

    Narcissa tucked her wand away returning to observing her sister's nails as if nothing had happened at all.
    Albus Dumbledore

    Posts : 31
    Join date : 2011-05-20

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Albus Dumbledore on Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:58 pm

    Dumbledore would walk down the pathway between Slytherin and Gryffindor house tables. Though most would swear they never saw him leave the staff table. He would wipe some icing off of Molly's nose with and taste it with a smile.

    "Lovely transfiguration, Mr. Potter. Five points for Gryffindor."

    He would glance over towards the Slytherin table.

    "Lovely hair, Mr.Malfoy though hardly school approprirate - I'm afraid we'll have to have thoes five points back...Mr.Potter"

    He said smoothly, His said all of this while James was still upside down - though he didn't seemed bothered by the need to tilt his head to see him.

    Lucius hair would fall back down with it's natural color again - though with out the gel which somewhat gave him a tussled look.

    "While it was quiet considerate for Miss Black to help him locate his lost spoon I'm sure he will find it on his napkin where he left it."

    He would wave his arm and James would be sat neatly back into his seat, his eyes back on the Slytherin Table.

    "Five points from Slyterin for your...over zelous effort ... to help your peears."

    He smiled kindly.

    "Now I trust we shall wait until atleast the first full day of term before I start deducting I correct in my assumption - gentlemen? Ladies"

    ||5 points from Slytherin for ||
    Alicia Lynn Crowe

    Posts : 162
    Join date : 2011-05-19

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Alicia Lynn Crowe on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:52 pm

    Alicia would blink as cake covered her face and and whipped a little bit off her nose and licked her finger. "Hmmm, Couldn't they of blown up a chocholate one..." She muttered as potter cleaned them up. She was starting ot see this was going to be one hell of a time here. ALready she saw lines drawn, and this seemed like it was going to be fun. Alex wasn't the only smooth talker in the Crowe family. Alice could talk just as smoothly, but that would come in later. She would look across the table as the head master walked in between them.

    She would laugh seeing LUcious hair changed color and all the drama. It was kind of ... funny. But she would quiet down when the head master was conducting points and all.
    Lily Evans

    Posts : 90
    Join date : 2011-05-19

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Lily Evans on Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:11 pm

    Lily whipped around when Narcissa cast her spell on James conjuring her own wand from her robes she opened her mouth to shout out a hex at her when Dumbledore stepped in to save the Great Hall from having a food-er-spell fight.

    "A true snake indeed... destroying Arthur and Molly's moment... they'll get what's coming to them."

    When James was put on his feet properly she moved over to him checking him up and down to be sure he was alright.

    "Let it go James..."

    she sighed the year had just begun and Slytherin was already causing this much ruckus.
    James Potter

    Posts : 135
    Join date : 2011-05-21

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  James Potter on Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:17 pm

    *James seemed fine upon Lily's inspection, though in his eyes perhaps a bit annoyed. He could take jokes just fine, he could take it as much as dish it, but he despised them so thoroughly that he was determined to get them back. For now, he hid it all behind that brilliant smile. It was still as a victory to him, knowing that he made Lucius look absurd, and at least still remained unkempt, knowing how he preened so. He took the whole thing as a joke, laughing*

    Let what go? You should have seen your faces all covered in cake! It was fantastic! Hope your marriage is as exciting as the announcement! And why didnt anyone tell me I had cake on the back of my robes?

    *he cleaned it off, calling to Narcissa*

    Thanks, love! Wouldn't have known the cake was on my back without you!

    *He gave a wink before turning back to the table, having been referring to when he was upside-down. He knew even that "friendly" gesture would get to them. As usual, he wasn't about to give the snakes the satisfaction of thinking they got to him, or seeing it even if they had*
    Molly Prewett

    Posts : 29
    Join date : 2011-05-21

    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

    Post  Molly Prewett on Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:14 am

    Molly seemed displeased with Dumbledore's neutral treatment of both houses. Slytherin surely deserved more then that for what they had done to ruin their announcement.

    She stomped her foot in a very "immature molly moment" before spinning around and taking a seat next to Arthur running her fingers through his hair to make sure no cake bits were hiding in his flaming red locks.

    "The nerve of those cheeky--oh!" she realized she was pulling on his hair and released him at once.

    "Sorry Arthur dear," she put her hands in her lap looking at him.

    "Are you alright?"

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    Re: Great Hall Sorting - June 1-10th

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